The largest sauna zone in Podhale

Designed by sauna enthusiasts. The location on the second floor of the building offers the possibility of uninterrupted rest in an intimate atmosphere with an unobstructed view of the Tatra Mountains.

The Chochołowskie Saunarium offers a wide range of saunas:

  • BIO juniper sauna
  • Dry saunas
  • Steam and aromatic bathhouses
  • Infrared sauna
  • Highlander’s Cottage

Guests can cool off in the external and internal cold water trough, cooling barrel and the icefall. Rest is an essential stage of the sauna cycle, which is why we encourage you to use the jacuzzi pool, barrel with sulphide water, salt chamber and salt cave or panorama terrace.

Seanse naparzania

odbywają się codziennie w godzinach

12:00, 14:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00, 19:00, 20:00, 21:00

Séance available in the ticket price

Our saunas

Panorama Sauna

With a panorama of the Tatra Mountains. It is here that the brewing ceremonies take place.

Highlander’s Cottage

active during occasional events, e.g. Ladies’ Sauna Bathing.

Dry Sauna

allows cleansing of the body from toxins. It also soothes and relaxes.

Bio juniper sauna

A juniper sauna combines the benefits of dry sauna bathing described above with a beneficial effect on the digestive system.

Infrared sauna

It is about regeneration and cleansing of the body; it also promotes weight loss.

In the Chochołowskie Saunarium we pride ourselves of a glazed Finnish sauna, where we hold steam seances conducted by saunamasters with a breathtaking scenery of the Tatra Mountains. For those seeking a closer experience with nature, we suggest the Highlander’s Cottage situated on the terrace of the building. Special events take place inside. The highlander’s cottage can also be rented for exclusive use

There is a relaxation space on the observation deck, where you can cool off in the cold water basin and use the swimming pool. Knowing the health-promoting effects of regular sauna bathing, we organize special events in the Chochołowskie Saunarium, such as Sauna Night or Ladies’ Thursdays – séances dedicated only to women.

Our saunamasters are true professionals full of passion. Their work and at the same time hobby is awarded annually in prestigious competitions. 

Steam bathhouses

Currently closed – modernization is in progress

Steam bathhouse

The use of steam bathhouses has a beneficial effect on health, in particular our immunity.

Aromatic bathhouse

The aromatic bathhouse captures all the benefits of a steam bathhouse with a relaxing inhalation effect.

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Salt cave

a room entirely made of salt blocks, equipped with brine graduation towers. It has a seaside microclimate.

Salt chamber with water cascade

A resting area; it helps to achieve a state of relaxation, and supports the treatment of asthma, catarrh of the upper respiratory tract, sinusitis, hypothyroidism, psoriasis.

The basic principles of sauna bathing

The comfort of our guests is extremely important for us. Sauna bathing should bring maximum benefits to the health of body and spirit, which is why we have summarized the basic principles of proper sauna bathing in a few brief sentences. What should the whole cycle look like and what should we pay attention to?

Wash your body

Before entering the sauna
wash and dry the body thoroughly.

Enter nude

The sauna is entered nude (without underwear, costume, jewelry).

Bring a towel

When using a dry sauna, bring a towel and put it under the whole body. It is very important that no part of the skin touches the wood.

Rinse the area

Do not bring a towel to steam bathhouses, rinse the seat thoroughly before use and before leaving the bath.

Take a shower

After leaving the sauna, take a shower to rinse the sweat.

Cool your body

Now it’s time to cool the body
in one of the cold water troughs.


End with rehydration
and rest, which should last twice as long as sauna bathing.

Repeat the cycle

You can repeat the cycle 3 times.

Sauna Bar

The use of saunas carries many health benefits. To enhance this effect, we invite you to the Sauna Bar, where you can enjoy delicious, light and healthy dishes.

The Chef recommends: fresh vegetables with dips, mushroom tart with pumpkin seeds.


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