At the foothills of the Tatra Mountains, in the Chochołowske Saunarium & SPA

you will enjoy unique experiences for body and spirit. Relief for shattered nerves and regeneration of a tired body is provided by the evident primal nature of the mountains.

For your pleasure, we have prepared a broad variety of relaxing, therapeutic and physiotherapeutic treatments. During the atmospheric rituals drawing from the natural richness of the region, you will experience exceptional pleasure and relaxation.

Our love for nature has led us to create the Chochołowskie SPA Zone offer, where you can regenerate the body and quieten the mind. We possess a wide selection of massages that relax the body and help you unwind. We base only on superior quality natural cosmetics that we use for skincare treatments. Those include: Kurland and Team Dr Joseph. Our showcase in the Chochołowskie SPA Zone are homely ceremonies and rituals in which we use our own scrubs, butters and balms. We draw on the power of balneotherapy, using medical baths. Our offer also features physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatments that help to return to mobility. Pleasure and wellness in the Chochołowskie SPA Zone are our goal.

The SPA Zone

is made up of four treatment rooms and a Rhassoul ritual room:

  • Bath room with two bath tubs for water treatments (mud, milk, herbs, hay)
  • A single massage room with one classic massage bed and other physiotherapy treatments
  • Cosmetology room
  • A treatment room for two
  • Rhassoul – a special bathhouse prepared for applying clay, an integral element of the Hammam ritual, known for its therapeutic and relaxing properties.

Our price list

Full body or partial relaxing massage

aromatic, relaxing, mood-enhancing massage.

200zł 55min.
110zł 25min.

Full body or partial classic massage

a dynamic massage in which we use various muscle relaxation techniques.

220zł 55min.
130zł 25min.

Therapeutic massage with mud back wrapping

mud wraps warm up the muscles, relax and regenerate, which supports the effects of the massage.

160zł 55min.

Sports massage for athletes

220zł 40min.

Hot stone massage

warming and calming massage which helps reduce muscle tension and pain.

200zł 55min.
140zł 25min.

Wild flowers

massage with warm wheat germ and sweet almond oil with the scent of wild flowers. The oils perfectly moisturize and soften the skin, while boosting the reconstruction of damaged epidermis.

220zł 55min.
120zł 25min.

Relaxing warm oil head massage

calming and relieving anxiety, headaches and insomnia; the massage also strengthens the hair roots and prevents hair loss.

150zł 25min.

Hand and foot massage

relaxing and unwinding hand and foot massage.

120zł 25min.

Face massage

relaxing face, neck and décolletage massage with sweet almond oil.

50zł 20min.

Herbal stamp massage

improves the condition of the skin and relaxes the mind and body; when heated with steam, the stamps release an intense aroma of herbs.

200zł 55min.

Tibetan singing bowls ceremony

the uniqueness of the ritual stems from the combination of four massage techniques: the touch of the therapist, vacuum massage, hot compress and massage with the sound of Tibetan singing bowls. The combination of elements of the ceremony leads to a deep relaxation of body and spirit

220zł 55min.

Deep tissue massage

the treatment is based on gently affecting the muscles – reducing their tension and relaxation, as well as enhancing the fluidity of movements. * time and price depend on dysfunction


Dry needling

the treatment involves searching for trigger points and puncturing them with needles to eliminate pain * time and price depend on dysfunction


Laser therapy

it has a broad and effective action in inflammatory diseases of muscles, tendons, ligaments, degenerative diseases, injuries, after operational treatments (it accelerates healing of wounds)



It has versatile uses in medicine. Treatments are performed by a direct and alternating current of varying frequencies. They improve blood circulation, accelerate cell metabolism, and thus have analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, and accelerate the regeneration of damaged tissues. They are used to treat various types of degenerative changes in the spine and joints of upper and lower extremities



vibration treatment. It is broadly used in various chronic rheumatic diseases, illnesses of tendons and muscle attachments, treatment of spinal pain conditions. It strongly stimulates the body, which has a positive effect on fast regeneration.


Local cryotherapy

the procedure uses liquid CO² at a temperature of approx. -75º. Cold used for medicinal purposes has analgesic and inflammation inhibiting properties, and relaxes the muscles. The main indications for local cryotherapy are: acute and chronic arthritis, post-traumatic edema, injuries i.e. sprain, dislocations, muscle contusions, spinal pain conditions, etc.


Partial / total peloidotherapy

Mud wraps help in numerous diseases of the musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, nervous system and female diseases.



Suspension therapy 40-50zł

Single kinesiotaping


Lavender scrub

cleansing-relaxing enzyme scrub based on white clay, urea, natural oils and lavender flowers.

160zł 25min.

Satin scrub

nourishing shea butter scrub with flecks of walnut shell. Smoothes the skin, improves tone and boosts microcirculation.

140zł 20min.

Smoothing ritual

salt scrub with partial or full body massage. The treatment leaves the skin soft and moisturized.

200zł 55min.
320zł 80min.

Forest therapy

refreshing scrub treatment based on forest fragrances soothing the body and soul, along with a compress based on Bolus Alba clay. The ritual is completed with fragrant oil.

220zł 55min.

The gifts of bogs

pine or lavender scented mud scrub and wrap. The scrub perfectly smoothes the skin, while mud has health-promoting properties, warms up and detoxifies the body.

200zł 55min.

In the depths of the orchard

salt-scented apple scrub and regenerating compress with apple stem cells. Warm oil is the perfect finish to the treatment – the skin is left moisturized, soft and bright.

250zł 55min.

Rhassoul ritual

ritual with clays, which have absorption, cleansing and antiseptic properties. They smooth, firm, brighten and mineralize the skin 150zł/1 person. 280 zł/2 people


Raspberry hydration

the treatment begins with a nutritious raspberry seed scrub. The compress enhanced with natural raspberry extract and lotion deeply moisturize the skin.

220zł 55min.

Wild flowers ritual

original scrub with poppy seeds, dried mallow and sea salt exfoliates the epidermis and prepares for the next stage. The rose petal mask nourishes the skin and soothes the nerves with its scent. The floral lotion is the perfect complement to the ritual.

220zł 55min.

Arosha bandages – Anti-cellulite treatment

Arosha bandages are especially recommended for: loss of skin tone and elasticity, overweight, stretch marks, cellulite and whenever you want to improve the condition of the skin.

200zł 55min.


a bath with mud from the Orawsko-Nowotarskie peat bogs. It supports the treatment of inflammation, muscle and bone diseases, arthritis and female conditions. It also perfectly smoothes the skin.

80zł 20min.


bath with goat milk, lavender, thyme and rosemary with the addition of nutritious oil and moisturizing urea. Relaxation and grooming.

100zł 20min.


a warming and refreshing anti-inflammatory bath. Ceremony with spruce needles and thyme and essential oils.

80zł 20min.


a calming bath with lavender flowers and an oil composition for people suffering from insomnia.

80zł 20min.

With tilia flower

a wrapping bath for dry skin, calms and soothes the nerves.

90zł 20min.


it has a refreshing and cleansing effect, as well as disinfectant properties. This energizing bath is perfect for hot days.

80zł 20min.


bath with dried flowers and natural oils. The bath leaves the skin soft and moisturized and our senses soothed with a floral fragrance.

100zł 20min.


composition created from individually selected ingredients.

80zł 20min.

Express treatment

face massage based on a serum preceded by a scrub.

80zł 30min.


treatment for dry or oily skin. Detoxifies, brightens and moisturizes the skin.



a natural treatment for oily or combination skin. It gently cleanses the skin, activates blood circulation, eliminates accumulated toxins, prevents excessive keratosis of the epidermis and helps stabilize sebum production. A perfect combination of skincare and a relaxing face massage.

180zł 50min.


a relaxing treatment designed for all skin types; in particular dry, sun-dried or dehydrated due to dry air. The unique combination of natural active ingredients increases skin hydration, which ensures its firmness and vitality.



luxurious facial care for skin that requires renewal and restoration of elasticity. Facial massage increases the stimulation of natural skin regeneration. The use of bioactive preparations ensures smooth, radiant and velvety soft skin.


Cell renewal

deeply relaxing face ritual enhanced with natural active ingredients for an immediate effect. A warm herb compress and a deep scrub begin the relaxation program. The treatment includes a massage stimulating the lymphatic system, brush massage, glass bubble massage and modeling massage. Products tailored to the needs of the skin will make it healthy, radiant and nourished.


Collagen therapy

moisturizing and rejuvenating treatment of the face, neck, décolletage and hands. Thanks to the large dose of natural collagen, hyaluronic acid and the application of the gold-enriched mask the skin becomes firm, moisturized and radiant. Skin regeneration is accelerated and wrinkles become shallower. The treatment starts with a cavitation peeling, which cleanses and stimulates the skin, preparing it for further stages


Men’s ritual

anti-fatigue, detoxifying and cleansing ritual for men, with a relaxing face and shoulder girdle massage.


Red Stop

dermo-treatment for capillary / sensitive skin with rosacea


Chemical peel

commonly called an “acid”, it is a procedure involving the application of one or more chemical substances that accelerate cell renewal. 140zł – 220zł/per treatment 50zł

Needle-free mesotherapy

a facelift without the scalpel. Biological effects of natural cocktails, combined with physical stimulation of facial muscles. The serum used in the treatment is characterized by a high concentration of active ingredients, thanks to which it possesses the properties of cosmoceutics.


Microneedle mesotherapy

the procedure is carried out to revitalize the skin. Micro-punctures stimulate self-renewal of the skin, resulting in a fresh, younger look. The treatment boosts reconstruction of collagen fibers, making the skin firmer, more tense and nourished.


Microdermabrasion with mask


Cavitation peeling with mask


Cavitation peeling with treatment mask




Manual cleansing – full treatment


Henna eyebrows / henna eyelashes


Eyebrow shaping


Hand paraffin with scrub


Klapp hand care gloves


Treatment ampule

20-40 zł


whole legs


















mustache / beard


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