The saunarium in Chochołowskie Termy is the biggest sauna zone in Podhale with a separate relax zone in the entresol and a huge observation deck (1000 m²). This place was designed by the lovers of sauna. The situation on the second floor of the building gives an opportunity to rest in an intimate atmosphere with a clear view of the Tatra mountains.

A flagship of our Saunarium is a unique, glass Finnish sauna with a view of Tatra where the regular sauna rituals take place.

Chochołowskie Saunarium oferuje szeroki wybór saun: saunę BIO z jałowcem, sauny suche, łaźnie parowe i aromatyczne, saunę na podczerwień oraz Góralską Chatę, w której odbywają się wydarzenia specjalne. Goście mogą schłodzić się w zewnętrznej i wewnętrznej niecce z zimną wodą, beczce chłodzącej oraz korzystając z lodopadu.

Relaxation is an incredibly important phase of the sauna cycle, that is why we encourage to use jacuzzi, barrel with a sulfuric water, salt room and cave or an observational deck.

We encourage to combine a visit to sauna with taking part in infusion sessions that take place every day at 12:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every hour (the session included in the Saunarum tickets) or to use the offer of Chochołowskie SPA located next to the sauna zone.

Basic sauna rules

The comfort of our guests is incredibly important. Sauna should bring the most benefits possible both for body and spirit, that is why in a few sentences we described the basic rules of using the sauna correctly. How should the whole cycle look like and what to notice?

  1. Before entering the sauna we wash ourselves and dry the body.
  2. We enter the sauna naked (without underwear, costume, jewellery). To the dry sauna we take a towel that we sit on. It is important that no part of the skin touches the wood (it concerns also feet). In this way we relax for 10-15 minutes. To the steam bath we do not take a towel, before using and after leaving the bath we precisely rinse the seat.
  3. After leaving sauna we take a shower to rinse the sweat.
  4. Now it is time to cool the body down in one of the basins with cold water.
  5. At the end it is time to supply the fluids and relax which should take two times more that warming up.
  6. The cycle can be repeated 3 times.

Our saunas

An Observational Sauna (temperature 100°C, humidity up to 10%) with a view of the Tatra panorama. Here the infusion ceremonies take place.

A Mountaineer’s Hut (temperature 100°C, humidity up to 10%) is open during special events, e.g. the Ladies’ Sauna.

Dry Sauna (temperature 90°C, humidity up to 20%)

The three saunas above are Finnish, dry. The benefits of using those types of saunas:

  • burning fat tissue
  • preventing cold
  • supporting the treatment of post-trauma and post-inflammation as well as the diseases of the cardiovascular and circulatory system and treating female diseases
  • positive influence on the state and appearance of the skin

BIO sauna with juniper (temperature 70°C, humidity up to 50%)

Sauna with juniper combines the benefits of bathing in dry saunas described above with a positive influence on the digestive system.

Steam bath (temperature 50°C, humidity up to 100%)

Bathing in steam baths has a positive influence on health, especially on:

  • cleaning the organism from toxins and metabolic products
  • moistening the respiratory tracks
  • increasing immunity
Góralska Chata Chochołowskie Termy para
Grota Solna Chochołowskie Termy
Wypoczywalnia Chochołowskie Termy z widokiem na panoramę Tatr
Grota Solna Chochołowskie Termy

Aromatic bath (temperature 50°C, humidity up to 100%)

An aromatic bath combines all the benefits of a steam bath with relaxing and inhaling properties.

Infrared sauna (temperature 60°C, humidity up to 15%)

Benefits of using the infrared sauna:

  • regeneration and cleaning the organism
  • mitigation of the muscle tenseness, headaches, rheumatism and bronchitis
  • helps losing weight
  • fights cellulite

Salt cave a room made entirely of salt blocks, equipped in salt graduation towers. There is a marine climate.

A salt room with a water cascade – a relaxation room, helps relaxing, supports treatment of asthma, inflammation of the upper respiratory tracks, sinusitis, hypothyroidism, psoriasis, neurosis.

Special events

Special events


Theme weekends

The infusion sessions during weekends have a completely different music than during weekdays. Film music, the hits of the last decades, travelling inspirations, the strength of women’s voice or sessions with squealing tires are just some of the unique themes for a weekend infusion!

Ladies’ Sauna

Each Thursday is a Women’s Day in our Saunarium. The ticket price includes special care treatments for all the Ladies:
6:00 p.m. Smoothing in a Sauna (coarse body scrub)
7:00 p.m. Session with birch switches (traditional ritual of a Russian banya)  or Beautiful Hair (ritual with a nutritive mask for hair)
8:00 p.m. Ice Surprise (soft massage with ice cubes)

Sauna Nights

Terminy są dostępne w zakładce aktualności na naszej stronie oraz na naszym facebooku. Saunarium działa wtedy krócej, bo już od 21:30 zaczynamy tematyczną Noc Saunową, która trwa do 2 w nocy. Śledź nas na Facebooku, aby być na bieżąco z tematem kolejnej Nocy Saunowej. Wystrój Saunarium, seanse naparzania, konkursy, poczęstunek, wszystko dopasowane jest do klimatu danej Nocy Saunowej. Odwiedź nas i przenieś swoje doświadczenie saunowania na wyższy poziom!

Our saunamasters

agnieszka saunamistrz


Saunamistrz Karolina



Saunamistrz Andrzej


Saunamistrz Maciej


Sauna Bar

Using sauna brings many benefits for health. In order to strengthen this effect, we invite you to the Sauna Bar where you can eat something delicious, light and healthy. The Chef recommends e.g. fresh vegetables with dips, mushroom tart with pumpkin seeds, three tartars on garlic toasts made of: salmon, herring and trout, a sandwich with Parma ham on buckwheat pies, prawns with hot arrabiata sauce, a plate of fresh fruit, a cup of home-made ice-cream with fruit. Ask the service about the current menu.

sauna bar kanapki szynka parmeńska