At the bottom of Tatra, in our Spa zone you can have incredible experiences when it comes to both body and spirit. The nature of the mountains that can be felt there ensures calming nerves and regeneration for a tired organism.

An idea of our offer is a belief that the best form of relaxation is returning to living according to nature while taking from it as much as possible.

The menu of the spa treatment is based on natural cosmetics and rituals using raw materials available in the neighbourhood: fango from Czarny Dunajec, goat’s milk, products of forests and meadows. For your pleasure we have prepared a vast range of relaxation, therapeutic and physiotherapeutic treatments that can meet your expectations.

The physiotherapy is an important element of our spa. We can help you recover thanks to the laser therapy, electrotherapy, local cryotherapy and kinesiotherapy.

Our Spa zone consists of four treatment rooms and a ritual room. Rhassoul:

  • A bathing room with two baths for water treatments (fango, milk, herbs, hay)
  • A single massage room with one classical bed for massage and other physiotherapeutic treatments
  • A room for cosmetic treatments
  • A treatment room for two people
  • Rhassoul – a special bath prepared for the treatment of applying clay, an inseparable element of the Hammam ritual known for its therepautic-relaxational properties.
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Ceremonies and rituals


Satiny exfoliation

An aromatic ceremony of exfoliation based on shea butter, sea salt and orange oil. It enhances the skin tone and microcirculation.

130 zł – 20 min


Smoothening ritual

An extremely natural saline peeling with a massage smoothening the skin and regaining its proper moisture level.

180 zł – 55 min


Gifts from the bogs

Exfoliation and fango covering with the scent of pine or lavender finished with a gentle massage. Apart from the pro-health properties, fango perfectly smoothens the skin and lavender calms down and relaxes.

190 zł – 55 min


Raspberry body moisturizing

A treatment cleaning the body with the use of a raspberry seeds scrub, moisturizing mask with the natural raspberry extract and a nourishing and moisturizing cream.

200 zł – 60 min


Leśna terapia

A treatment cleaning the body with the use of a raspberry seeds scrub, moisturizing mask with the natural raspberry extract and a nourishing and moisturizing cream.

200 zł – 55 min


Inside the orchard

A scrub with an apple aroma smoothens the skin and enhances the circulation. Applying the apple tree stem cells regenerates and a gentle massage relieves the relaxed skin.

250 zł – 60 min


Rhassoul ritual

A ceremony based on clays conducted in a special treatment room. The ritual smoothens, brightens up, firms up and mineralizes the skin. It begins with an express exfoliation.

1 os: 150 zł 2 os: 280 zł


Anti-cellulite treatment with Arosha bandages

The active components of the bandages remove fibrous cellulite and water cellulite, reduce the fat tissue and support the process of losing weight.

180 zł – 60 min

Ritual of the wildflowers

200 zł 55 min


Lavender exfoliation

150 zł 25 min

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A land of massages


Classical whole-body or partial massage

A classical massage of the whole body or the back conducted using natural oils relaxes and releases from negative emotions.

180 zł – 55 min 100 zł – 25 min


Therapeutic massage with a fango application

Applying fango before the massage loosens up the muscles and supports the treatment process thanks to the micro- and macroelements contained in peat.

140 zł – 55 min


Relaxing massage for the whole body

A gentle massage of the whole body relaxes, de-stresses and soothes our senses through a therapist’s warm touch and aromatherapy contained in oils.

180 zł – 55 min


Aromatic blackberry

Aromatic massage that enhances mood and rejuvenates the skin.

180 zł – 55 min 100 zł – 25 min



A massage with a warm wheat germ oil and sweet almonds oil with an aroma of wildflowers. The oils perfectly moisten and smoothen the skin accelerating the restoration of the damaged skin.

200 zł – 55 min 120 zł – 25 min


Sports massage

The massage helps keeping fit, prevents the injuries, supports the body before, during and after working out.

200 zł – 45 min


Hot rocks

Warming up and soothing massage that reduces stress and muscle aches.

200 zł – 55 min 120 zł – 25 min


Relaxing head ayurveda

Helps in such illnesses as earaches and tinnitus, eye pain, sinusitis, migraines, insomnia, depression. It relaxes the whole body.

150 zł – 25 min


Massage with a hot candle

A massage of the whole body with a candle perfectly moisturizes and enhances the flexibility of the skin thanks to the natural elements such as shea butter and coconut oil.

200 zł – 55 min


Massage with hot herb stamps

Thanks to the mixture of herbs contained in stamps and properly heated fabrics the massage has cleansing and detoxifying properties and it deeply warms the muscles up.

250 zł – 55 min


Relaxing massage of hands and feet

It enhances the blood circulation and flexibility as well as it regenerates the damaged skin. It supports metabolic processes of the skin, loosens up the muscles and eases the tension and stress.

100 zł – 25 min


Massage of face, neck and neckline

Its main aim is to keep the skin and muscles in a proper flexibility. It enhances the skin condition, makes it more flexible, loosens up the face muscles and puts you into a state of deep relaxation.

50 zł – 20 min


Anti-cellulite massage with a Chinese bubble

Thanks to the effect of a vacuum gained by the bubble and a proper therapist’s movements the effect of skin firmness and reduction of fat tissue is maintained.

120 zł – 30 min

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Laser therapy

It works efficiently in myositis, tendonitis and ligament inflammation, in degenerative arthritis, traumas, after surgeries, with wounds and scars where their visibility is decreased and the healing is accelerated.

20 – 70 zł



It has positive painkilling and anti-inflammatory influence, it accelerated the regeneration of the damaged tissues. It is used in treating different spine and joints degenerative changes.

20 zł



The aim of the treatment is to treat different chronic rheumatologic diseases, joints diseases and muscle attachments as well as the spine pain syndromes. It accelerates the regeneration.

20 zł


Local cryotherapy 

It is used cold in order to decrease the pain, impede the inflammation, loosen up the muscles. The main indications for local cryotherpay are: acute and chronic joint diseases, post-traumatic edema, injuries such as twisting, dislocation, muscle contusions, pulled muscles, pain syndromes, etc.

20 zł


Peloid therapy – fango application

Fango is one of the most precious gifts of nature, sometimes called the black gold. The organic acids and mineral salts contained in it have tightening, anti-inflammation and bactericidal properties, so it is widely used while treating the musculoskeletal system, soft tissues, bones, joints inflammations, in nervous system diseases, circulatory disorders and female diseases.

25 min – okład całościowy 140 zł – częściowy – 25 zł



Suspension therapy

  • Individual therapeutic gymnastics: 40 zł
  • Individual gymnastics in different orthopedic diseases: 50 zł
  • Prophylactic gymnastics in spine diseases: 40 zł
spa Chochołowskie Termy



Fango bath

Bath with an addition of fango from the local peats in Orawa and Nowy Targ. It helps treating inflammations, muscle, bones, joints and female diseases. Apart from that it smoothens the skin.

65 zł – 20 min


Rural bath

Bath with an addition of hay enriched in essential oils and sea salts. It relaxes and enhances mood, has painkilling properties.

60 zł – 20 min


Forest bath

Warming up and refreshing bath has anti-inflammatory properties. A ceremony with spruce needles, thyme and essential oils.

70 zł – 20 min


Lavender bath

Relaxing bath with lavender petals and a composition of oils for people suffering from insomnia

60 zł – 20 min


Herbal-milky bath

Bath with goat’s milk, lavender, elder and rosemary with a herbal infusion to drink – double action from the inside and the outside

100 zł – 20 min


Bath with a lime blossom

90 zł


Mint bath

80 zł


Regenerating bath

60 zł 

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Natural face care

Lunch treatment:

S.O.S. for the contaminated skin

A short application of the scrub with a salicylic acid optimally prepares the skin for receiving precious natural ingredients that this mask in a form of a foil is plenty of. The finishing of the care is applying the serum based on natural ginseng extract and honey.

160 zł


Express revitalization

Quick and intensive care for the skin that needs to be nourished, moisturized and rejuvenated. The first phase is the concentrate with orchid extract and vitamin E that creates perfect conditions for receiving collagen in a form of a foil mask. In order to ensure a long-lasting feeling of comfort we apply a cream rich in squalene and ginseng.

160 zł


Express lifting

An innovative and the only treatment of this kind in Poland. This 30-minutes lifting treatment is based on a formula of an original massage of the muscle tissue combined with a biological activeness of the scrub containing natural ingredients: hydrolyzed yeast, Bacillus Ferment enzyme as well as papaya and lime enzymes. A visible effect of the skin tightening is guaranteed by the push-up ampoule.

160 zł


Needless mesotherapy

Lifting without a scalpel. Biological activeness of natural cocktails combined with a physical stimulation of the face muscles. The serum used in the treatment consists of highly concentrated active ingredients thanks to which it has cosmetic properties.

250 zł


Express treatments

For oily and combination skin

70 zł – 30 min


Nourishing and anti-aging treatment

80 zł – 30 min


Balancing treatments


Versions for dry and oily skin – detoxifies, brightens, moisturizes the skin.

130 zł


Soin Anti Comedos

A cleansing treatment – for oily skin that needs a deep cleansing and balancing, treats blackheads and detoxifies the skin. It is based on a special composition of oils, white clay, cinnamon, hollyhock and other active ingredients.

160 zł


Energie Vitale

Oxygenizing-nourishing treatment – prevents wrinkles creation. Thanks to hazelnut oils, wheat germ and cypress it energizes, stimulates, regenerates, brightens up and revitalizes the skin.

170 zł


Aqua Phyt’s

Intensively moisturizing-refreshing treatment based on hyaluronic acid, jojoba and macadamia oil, vitamin E and rosewood. It relaxes even the most demanding skin.

280 zł


Soin Multivita

Anti-aging treatment – it is a massive charge of multivitamins moisturizing and remineralizating the skin. This treatment based on plant oils, beeswax, essential oils, plant extracts and vitamin E fights the aging processes. After the treatment the skin is strongly smoothened and lifted and the effects stay for a long time.

300 zł


Intensively cleansing treatment

The treatment is started with a warm herbal compress that transforms into a gentle massage stimulating the lymphatic system and then into a smoothening exfoliation. The massage with a glass bubble cleans the skin and the applied package tones it. The algae mask and the final care visibly refresh and return the skin its glare.

180 zł – 50 min


Relaxing cell renewal

The ritual with natural active ingredients has an immediate effect. A warm herbal compress and deep exfoliation begin the relaxation program. The treatment includes a massage stimulating the lymphatic system, a brush massage, a massage with a glass bubble and a modeling massage. The substances adjusted individually to the skin make it healthier and bright.

200 zł – 80 min


Advanced face bio-lifting

The face ceremony with a massage with hot stamps – it combines a holistic program of natural cell renewal with a biodynamic lifting massage. A unique solution for people looking for a longer break, maximal and immediate effect.

350 zł – 110 min


For men – Phyt’s men 

Anti-tiring, detoxifying, balancing, oxidizing and cleansing ritual with a welcoming massage of the scalp and back based on ginseng extract, vitamin E and an oil composition.

220 zł


Face treatment, that can be safely used by future mothers, are adjusted individually on site.

spa Chochołowskie Termy

Additional beauty treatments


Manual cleansing for the treatment

60 zł



A treatment with an algae mask

150 zł (do innego zabiegu: 75 zł)


Cavitations exfoliation with a mask

100 zł (do innego zabiegu: 50 zł)



Entering other active ingredients into the skin

150 zł (do innego zabiegu: 75 zł)


Eyebrow shaping

20 zł


Henna for eyebrows/eyelashes

20 zł


Wax depilation
  • Whole legs: 110 zł
  • Calves, back or arms: 60 zł
  • Armpits: 40 zł
  • Bikini 75 zł
  • Moustache/beard: 25 zł